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WV Focus: Reproductive Education and Equality



2017 Bills To Watch

Dangerous Bills:

  • SB19 – WV Freedom of Conscience Protection Act (Karnes – To Judiciary)
  • SB20 – Limiting Insurance Coverage for Elective Abortions (Karnes, Boso – To Banking & Insurance)
  • SB21 – Relating to Care of Aborted Fetuses (Karnes, Boso, Rucker – To Health & Human Resources)
  • SB23 – Relating Generally to Midwifery (Karnes, Rucker – To Health and Human Resources)
  • SB31 – Prohibiting Abortion Coverage in Qualified Health Plans (Karnes, Rucker – To Health and Human Resources)
  • SB60 – Relating to Eligibility and Fraud Requirements for Public Assistance (Gaunch) (Trump, Boso, Blair, Rucker, Sypolt)
  • HB2053 – Requiring Facilities Providing Abortions to Obtain Parental Notification or Consent in Writing (Rodighiero – To House Health and Human Resources)
  • HB2082 – Prohibiting State Funding of Abortions (Rodighiero – To Health & HR)
  • HB2002 – Relating to Parental Notification of Abortions Performed on Unemancipated Minors (Kessinger, Fast, Evans, Romine, Frich, Arvon, Butler, Rowan, Wilson, Paynter, Lane)
  • HB2467 – Prohibiting School Employees from Promoting Abortion (Sobonya – To Education)
  • HB 2468 – Making it Illegal to Transport a Minor Across State Lines to Obtain an Abortion Without Written Consent of Both Parents (Sobonya – To Health and HR)
  • HB2506 / SB60 – Relating to the Implementation of Water Quality Standards for the Protection of Drinking Water (AKA Creating “Cancer Creek”) (Zatezalo, Foster, G., Kessinger, Summers, Atkinson, Ambler, Phillips, Westfall, Miley
  • HB2595 – Requiring Abortions be Performed by Licensed Physician (Kessinger, Martin, Hill, Arvon, N., Foster, Paynter, Dean and Wilson)


Good Bills

  • HB2807 – Equal Pay Act of 2017
  • HB3012 – Family Protection Act – Prohibiting discrimination in the workplace based on family responsibility 
  • HB3077 – Prohibiting gender rating in health insurance 
  • SB649 – Establishment of the Rural and Urban Economic Development Advisory Team (RUEAT)
  • HB2318 – Relating Generally to Human Trafficking (Shott)
  • HB4598 – Establishment of the Rural and Urban Health Advisory Team (RAUHAT)
  • HB2326 – Creating Earned Income Tax Credit for Working Families (Rohrback, Statler, Pushkin, Fleischauer, Baldwin, Lovejoy
  • HB2529 – Adding “sexual orientation” to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act (Pushkin, Walters, White, Storch, Westfall, Moore, Miley, Williams, Hill, Higginbotham)

    Stay Tuned
    ! WV FREE is working with legislators to introduce several proactive pieces of legislation.



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