Welcome to Working Mom Appreciation Day 2016!

Save The Day Working Mom Appreciation Day 2016

We are kicking off this awesome day to celebrate working moms all over the state by introducing YOU to the staff members at WV FREE who are mommies! You’ll learn more about us later.


At WV FREE, we are a respected leader for the women of West Virginia and in the national movement for women’s health. In addition to our hard work and dedication to our state, many of us are also mothers. We look forward to introducing you to the side of us you may not always see today as we celebrate Working Mom Appreciation Day – The Mommy Side! We’ll have more information later, but for now, meet:

Executive Director, Margaret Chapman-Pomponio


Our Fearless Leader, Margaret, is a mommy to Sylvie and Wyndell, her 9 month-old twins! Additionally, she has two incredible step-children, Holden, 14 and Elena, 17. Outside of work, this family is full of adventurers and they love to explore! They spend their free time skiing, hiking and traveling.


Deputy Director, Tisha Gay Reed


Scarlett is lucky enough to have Tisha as her mommy. At 6 years old, they enjoy reading, going to the movies and playing soccer.


Communications Coordinator, Julie Warden


Julie is the proud mommy of her tot, Remington, who will turn 2 in September. Some of their favorite things to do together are to play outside, cuddle, color and watch Daddy race dirtbikes!


WISE Program Director, Carrie-Meghan Quick-Blanco


Carrie Meghan is mommy to baby Laureano Jose, who is 10 months old. They enjoy walking in the park and playing with musical toys together.