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WV Focus: Reproductive Education and Equality


Pregnancy Prevention

Your Reproductive Health…

…belongs to you! Whether you’re fifteen or fifty, it is vital to understand your contraceptive options in order to make informed decisions about your reproductive health and future. Sound scary? Not at all! After debunking the myths, understanding contraception just means understanding that there a variety of choices you can make to keep yourself healthy, happy, and safe.

Contraceptive Methods ARE NOT Abortion Methods

Anti-choice activists often falsely assert that contraceptive methods work as abortifacients. All of the birth control methods listed below work by either preventing fertilization or ovulation, not by causing an abortion. Academic medicine confirms that preventing fertilization or ovulation does not qualify as abortion.


If you are a teenager, it may be uncomfortable for you to discuss the subject of birth control with your physician. Be assured that, in West Virginia, any conversations you have with your own physician or with a physician at a title X health clinic are bound by confidentiality laws, which prevent them from telling parents or guardians that you have received any form of contraceptives. You should also know that minors (anyone under the age of 18) do not need to notify or get permission from their parents in order to obtain birth control.

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