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WV Focus: Reproductive Education and Equality


2017 survey: WV voters support reproductive justice!


A new survey conducted by the American Majority Project Research Institute found that strong majorities of West Virginia voters (76%) believe that medical decisions about reproductive issues should be made by a woman and her doctor.  Across the political spectrum whether people self- identified as liberal or conservative, they were in support of reproductive justice for women, including support for Medicaid coverage for prenatal and maternity care and abortion (69%) and coverage for contraception in health plans provided by employers (64%).

When you look beyond the labels of “pro-life” or “pro-choice” and dig into how people really feel, this groundbreaking poll, conducted on behalf of WV FREE, makes it clear that West Virginia voters do not want to see a continuation of the kind of politically motivated attacks on reproductive health care that were seen in the most recent legislative session.

“The fact is that the rhetoric about West Virginians’ attitudes about abortion and reproductive health care is just plain wrong. People in our state prioritize access to health care and the creation of jobs, but they also see that the ability to plan our families as integral to achieving these aims. More than 85% of voters agreed that contraception and family planning services have made it easier for women in our state to have careers outside the home,” said Margaret Chapman Pomponio, Executive Director of WV FREE.

“West Virginians know that when people are able to obtain the full range of reproductive health care it not only improves the health outcomes of women, but also increases the financial stability of families and helps to build healthier communities,” added Chapman Pomponio.

“Unfortunately, we do not see these values reflected in the actions of our lawmakers.  Even though 65% of people disapproved of making the parental notification law more restrictive and there was bipartisan support for actually strengthening the safeguards to ensure that vulnerable youth are able to get the care they need, a series of legislative and lobbying tricks in the final hours of this session resulted in taking away critical protections for young people,” said Chapman-Pomponio.

“We urge our state’s leaders to take a look at this poll and to see that West Virginians do not want them wasting any more time pushing medically unnecessary and intrusive limits on abortion when they could be advancing policies that would make a positive difference in the lives of women and families in our state – legislation to help ensure quality education and continue to improve access to health care and job opportunities. This poll makes clear something that we have been saying for a long time – when you look beyond the labels of ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ and dig into how people really feel, West Virginia voters do not want to see more attacks on reproductive healthcare,” she concluded.





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2017 poll: WV voters support reproductive justice!