My twins were born on July 20th and my world was forever changed. During the prized months I spent on leave at home with them, I often posted on social media about the joys and challenges of parenting newborn twins. The post that received the most attention was the one that really hit home with a lot of people because, I think, I was honest about my mindset as I prepared to return to work.

So I’d like to share that with you as a way to contextualize and personalize WV FREE’s work as a reproductive justice organization. The very first part of WV FREE’s mission is to “seek legal protection at the state and national levels guaranteeing the right to decide whether, when and how to have children in healthy and safe environments.”

While we fight for the right to abortion and birth control, we will continue to advocate for your right to parent, too. Everyone should be afforded reasonable leave time after the birth or arrival of a child.

Still, the best leave policy in the world doesn’t take away from the fact that parents – women in particular – are often torn between two worlds. That won’t change. So the best we can do is to ensure that our kids have the best chance for health and security possible.



We will take these ideals to the capitol in 2016 as we face more attacks on a woman’s right to bodily integrity. stay tuned in for the family-friendly policies we’l support.

After all, the personal is political. And for us, the political is personal.