Natalie Champlin is the mother of three boys, Braydon, 9, Owen, 5 and Nolan, 3.

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“Until recently, I was a stay-at-home mother who had lost her sense of self,” explained Natalie. Two of our three boys have a rare chronic lung disease and they have needed a lot of care. I let myself go; living in hospitals far from home, treatments, and therapies took everything out of me. Over 9 years and I forgot who I was.”

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Recently, Natalie decided to start her own business. She explained, “I wanted my children’s needs to still be met and not a babysitter or family member, but I also knew I needed REASON and PURPOSE! I have a wonderful, supportive husband and could not do it without him!”

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Natalie’s advice to other moms is to not forget their ‘why’ and to remember why you work so hard, why you get up every morning and that it’s not because you need to go to work. It’s to give yourself or someone else a better life.

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