Sara is the proud mother of a daughter, Kailee, 12, and a son, Clayton, who is 5. They enjoy travelling, going on walks and playing games. The kids have many activities that keep this family busy!

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Sara stated that the hardest part of being a stay-at-home-mom is finding time for herself. “I homeschool our 5 year old, so I have to keep up with his academics.”

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The positives certainly outweigh the challenges because Sara knows she is the one that gets to be there for her kids when they need someone. “If my daughter forgets her lunch at home, I can run it to school. If my son wants to go to the park in the middle of his school day, we can do that. It allows me to be flexible and meet their needs

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Sara’s advice to other moms is to not be afraid to ask for help and take time for yourself. She said, “Take time to sit down, relax and recharge. As a mom, you play a lot of roles. If you’re burnt out, you’ll be grouchy and your kids will be grouchy. The old adage says, ‘If Momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy!”

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