Tisha Reed is the Deputy Director at WV FREE and is the mother to an awesome six-year-old little girl, Scarlett.


She is proud to be a working mom, amidst the many challenges it entails and said, “You are doing a fantastic job and setting a great example of work ethic to your child when you are a working mom.”

She stated that the hardest part of returning to work after having a baby was breastfeeding.

The impact and inspiration of a working mom doesn’t go unnoticed. Other moms know the hardships women are faced with, but it’s truly outstanding when a woman’s husband shows his love and support and recognizes just how hard his wife works:

Tisha’s husband, Chris, said, “Tisha is not only the smartest, kindest person I know, she is also an amazing working mother. She juggles work, school and being a mom without missing a beat and her dedication and commitment to her career and to our daughter could not be more solid. She is not only an inspiration to me; I know that as Scarlett grows up, she will look to her mother as a guiding light in her own life and career. And, despite her insistence in turning our daughter into a Clinton supporter, I couldn’t be more proud of my working wife”