Vikki Wood works at the Jackson County Clerk’s Office and has worked there for 13 years – she started working there when her son was in the second grade.

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“I was able to stay home with my son, Tyler, for that long was due to his dad working away from home and working long hours and making it a priority that I could stay home and care for Tyler until he went to school,” said Vikki.

“It’s not been a huge challenge for me to be a working mom because my work schedule and bosses always gave me the opportunity to take off for school functions. My work day didn’t start until 9am, so I could take Tyler to school and I got off at 4, so I was able to get home and get him off of the bus. If I was going to be late, his grandparents would pick him up,” she explained.

Tyler, Vikki’s son played sports year-round until high school when he started Four Wheeler Racing. “We have done a lot of traveling over the years for sports and there is not one day of it that I will ever forget or regret. Of course it is challenging at times,” said Vikki, “But we as a family always try to make the best of the situation.”Vikki WMAD2In addition to her full-time job, the day after she married her husband, Tim, they purchased a Cross Country Racing Series called WEXCR. They spend much of their time traveling and hosting a full race series


Tyler will be 21 in June and Vikki has raised him to be his own person and to enjoy life to the fullest. “You only get one chance at this thing called life,” she said.

Vikki says the best part of being a working mom is the adult interaction and conversation. “You know, there is only so much you can discuss with your children,” said Vikki.

Vikki’s advice to working moms is to never become so consumed with your job that you take it home with you. She explained, “In my job, that is hard at times. There is so much sadness and grief, it’s hard to just leave behind but just remember, it’s not your family’s fault. They didn’t have your day, so they may not understand your feelings. We have to set goals as a family, too. One of our rules is that we put our phones aside during dinner and it is open discussion time. You can actually learn a lot during this time. We also have that no matter how angry we can be with one another, we tell one another we love them before bed, after a phone conversation or in a simple text.”

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“I believe that it is very important for your children to know how important they are to you and that you love them. Sure, parenting isn’t easy,” said Vikki, “but that’s why god made mothers. He has a plan and that plan is to love your child unconditionally. My Tyler isn’t an angel by any means, but he’s my angel and he knows I love him with my whole heart. I may not be the best mother, but I give it my all.”

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Vikki has also always welcomed his home to all of Tyler’s friends. They know that if they need a place to sleep, eat or someone to talk to, Momma Wood will take care of them. “I treat them all as my own and I would not change any of it. I love being a mom.”