Heidi is a stay-at-home mom with three children, James, 10, Charlie, 8 and Timmy, 6. Additionally, she always babysits two additional 2 year olds, Lauryn and Drew.


“I started being a stay-at-home mom when James was born. I always knew I wanted to stay home with my kids like my mom did with us. When Timmy was 4, I started babysitting – This is how I was able to finally get a “girl,” haha! I now watch two 2 year olds in addition to my kids and they are definitely like my very own because they fit right in. It’s so fun to see how they grow and develop!”

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Heidi loves that she is able to go to school functions and take kids to doctor appointments or other events. “I love knowing that I am available if they need me,” said Heidi. The family loves to dance, watch movies, play on the trampoline and have family dinners.

While the benefits outweigh the challenges for Heidi, she mentions that some days are definitely harder than others. “If they’ve had a rough day at school, they come home and unload it all on me. It’s definitely getting different as they get older. They are drained from being good all day at school and just want to have fun when they get home. I work at a dance studio every evening, so I know I miss putting them to bed, too. I also sell 31 Gifts to supplement our loss of income, so that takes me away, too. It’s good for us to have a break from each other, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Heidi’s advice to other moms is, “Don’t try to be perfect! No one is. There may be other parents that you see and wonder how they do it, but just remember that everyone has their own struggles. Let’s support other moms and not compare!”

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