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Abortion Access

West Virginia only has one abortion clinic remaining within our state: the Women’s Health Center of Charleston, but that may not be the closest clinic to your location.

To find a clinic near you, visit National Abortion Federation.

To find out more about abortion procedures and your options, visit National Abortion Federation.

If you need help paying for your abortion, visit National Network of Abortion Funds.

We are not a medical provider nor an attorney, so we are not offering medical or legal advice.  There Is no clinic offering abortion care currently in WV.  Surrounding states including PA, MD VA, NC, Washington D.C. and others are taking patients from out of state.  Someone can visit abortionfinder.org to find the clinic closest to you, provide the first day of someone’s last period if that’s known, and find the right place to go.  Additionally, someone can visit https://abortionfunds.org, click on “need an abortion”, then “find a fund and get help” which allows someone to find information about abortion funds and practical support. “