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How did your legislator vote on reproductive rights and bodily autonomy?

Abortion rights are under attack! What do we do? Stand up, fight back! Learning how our policymakers vote on abortion is critical to changing the political landscape to reflect West Virginians’ actual support of reproductive rights.

This report card shows how every member of the Legislature voted on bills to take away abortion rights during multiple legislative sessions in 2022. We want to be sure you know how they voted! The bills showcased here are as follows:

— A total abortion ban that was introduced after the fall of Roe, known as HB 302. There were two versions of this – one brought forth during July Special Session, and one Final Abortion Ban brought forth during September Special Session. We opposed these. 

— A Resolution Defining Women’s Place in Society (or, Patriarchy on Steroids), known as HR 302, a vote taken immediately following the abortion ban. We opposed this. 

— A House amendment to allow exceptions for rape and incest in HB 302. We supported this. 

— A House amendment to repeal from State Code the 19th-century crime of abortion, also in HB 302. We supported this. 

—A Senate amendment to allow rape and incest reports through mandated reporters in lieu of police, also in HB 302. This protected victims. We supported this, however, the ban passed by the Senate in September removed this protection. 

—-The fifteen week ban abortion ban, known as HB 4004, which we opposed. This bill did not ultimately pass.

— An amendment to allow exceptions for rape and incest after 15 weeks in HB 4004. We supported this. 

— An abortion ban for genetic reasons, known as SB 468, which we opposed.

— An amendment to allow exceptions for rape and incest to the Genetic Reason Ban. We supported this.

How to Read this Report Card
Vote Supported by WV FREE & WV FREE Action FundVote Opposed by WV FREE & WV FREE Action FundAbsent / Didn't VoteN/A

Not sure who your legislator is? Simply click here and type in your address! After finding your delegate and/or senator, check to see how they voted. If a legislator has a check, that means WV FREE supported how they voted. If a legislator has an X, that means we opposed their vote. If you would like to print out a copy, please select the button below!


WV Senate
DELEGATES (Party - District #)Final Abortion Ban (September Special Session)Total Abortion Ban (July Special Session)Senate Amendment to Allow Exceptions for Rape and IncestBan on Abortion for Genetic Reasons
Mike Azinger (R-3)YYNY
Stephen Baldwin (D-10)NNYY
Robert D. Beach (D-13)NNYN
Donna J. Boley (R-3)YYNY
Owens Brown (D-1)NNYN
Mike Caputo (D-13)Not voting.NYN
Charlest H. Clements (R-2)YYYY
Hannah Geffert (D-16)NNYN
Amy Grady (D-16)YYNY
Bill Hamilton (R-11)YYYY
Glenn Jeffries (D-8)YAAY
Robert Karnes (R-11)YNNY
Richard Lindsay (D-8)NAAY
Mike Maroney (R-2)Not voting.YYY
Patrick Martin (R-12)YYNY
Mark R. Maynard (R-6)YYNY
Eric Nelson (R-17)YAAY
Rupie Phillips (R-7)YYNY
Robert H. Plymale (D-5)Not voting.YYY
Rollan Roberts (R-9)YYNY
Mike Romano (D-12)Not voting.NYN
Patricia Rucker (R-16)YYNY
Randy Smith (R-14)YYNY
Ron Stollings (D-7)NNYY
David Stover (R-9)YYYA
Chandler Swope (R-6)YYYY
Dave Sypolt (R-14)YYNY
Tom Takubo (R-17)YYYY
Eric Tarr (R-4)NNNY
Charles S. Trump IV (R-15)YYYY
Ryan Weld (R-1)Not voting.YYY
Mike Woelfel (D-5)YYYY
Jack Woodrum (R-10)YYNY
President - Craig Blair (R-15)YYNY


WV House of Delegates
DELEGATES (Party - District #)Final Abortion Ban (September Special Session)Resolution Defining Women's Place in SocietyTotal Abortion Ban (July Special Session)House Amendment to Allow Exceptions for Rape and IncestAmendment to Repeal from State Code the 19th Century Crime of AbortionBan on Abortion After 15 WeeksAmendment to Allow Exceptions for Rape and Incest after 15 WeeksBan on Abortion for Genetic ReasonsAmendment to Allow Exceptions for Rape and Incest to Genetic Reason Ban
William Anderson (R-8)YYNNYYNYN
Andrew Anderson (R-35)YNot voting.
Jim Barach (D-36)* Resigned by the time of this vote.Resigned by the time of this vote.NYYNYNY
Trenton Barnhart (R-7)YYYNNYNYN
Jason Barrett (D-61)YYYNNYNYN
Mike Bates (D-30)Not voting.Not voting.YNNYNYN
Brent Boggs (D-34)YNot voting.YYNYNYN
Josh Booth (R-19)YYYNNYNYN
Jordan Bridges (R-24)YYYNNYNYN
Nathan Brown (D-20)YNot voting.YNVNVYNYNV
Adam Burkhammer (D-65)YYYNNYNYN
Jarred Cannon (R-22)YYYNNYNYNV
Moore Capito (R-35)YYYNNYYYY
Wayne Clark (R-65)YNot voting.YNNYNYN
Roger Conley (R-10)YYYNNYNYN
Roy Cooper (R-28)YYYNNYNYN
Vernon Criss (R-10)NYNNNYNYN
Kathie Hess Crouse (R-13)YYYNNYNYN
Mark Dean (R-21)YYYNNYNYN
Phillip Diserio (D-2)NNNYYNYNY
John Doyle (D-67)NNNYYNYNY
Joe Ellington (R-27)YYNNYNNNN
Paul Espinosa (R-66)YYYNVNVYNYN
Tom Fast (R-32)YYYNNYNYN
Dana Ferrell (R-39)YYYNNYNYN
Barbara Evans Fleischauer (D-51)NNot voting.NYYNYNY
Shawn Fluharty (D-3)NNNYYNYNY
Don Forsht (R-60)YYYNNYNYN
Geoff Foster (R-15)YYANVNVYNYN
Joey Garcia (D-50)NNNYYNYNY
Marty Gearheart (R-27)YYYNNYNYN
Dianna Graves (R-38)YYANVNVYNYN
Ric Griffith (D-19)YNNYYYYYY
Danny Hamrick (R-48)YYYNNYNYN
Caleb Hanna (R-44)YYYNNYNYN
Evan Hansen (D-51)NNNYYNYNY
Roger Hanshaw (R-33)YYYNNYNYN
John Hardy (R-63)YYYNNYNYN
Austin Haynes (R-32)YYYNNYNYN
Josh Holstein (R-23)YYYNNYNYN
Mike Honaker (R-42)YYYNNYNYN
Sean Hornbuckle (D-16)NNNYYNYNY
Chuck Horst (R-62)YYYNNYNYN
John Paul Hott (R-54)YYYNNYNYN
Eric L. Householder (R-64)YYYNNYNYN
Gary G. Howell (R-56)YYYNNYNYN
Dean Jeffries (R-40)YYYNNYNYN
D. Rolland Jennings (R-53)YYYNNYNYN
Riley Keaton (R-11)YYYNNYNYN
David Kelly (R-6)YNot voting.ANVNVYNYN
John R. Kelly (R-10)YYNYYYNYN
Kayla Kessinger (R-32)YYYNNYNYN
Laura Kimble (R-48)YYYNNYNYN
Shannon Kimes (R-9)YYYNNYNYN
Daniel Linville (R-16)YYYNNYNYN
Todd Lonanacre (R-42)YYYNNYNYN
Chad Lovejoy (D-17)Not voting.Not voting.ANVNVANVYNV
Phil Mallow (R-50)YYYNNYNYN
John Mandt Jr. (R-16)YYYNNYNYN
Carl Martin (R-45)Not voting.Not voting.YNNYNYN
Zack Maynard (R-22)YNot voting.YNVNVYNYN
Jordan Maynor (R-28)YYYNNYNYN
Margitta Mazzocchi (R-24)YYYNNYNYN
Pat McGeehan (R-1)YYYNNYNYN
George Miller (R-58)YYYNNYNYY
Ty Nestor (R-43)YYYNNYNYN
Larry Pack (R-35)* Resigned by the time of this vote.* Resigned by the time of this vote.YNNYNYN
Tony Paynter (R-25)YNot voting.YNNYNYN
David Pethtel (D-5)NNNYYNYNY
Chris Phillips (R-47)YYYNNYNYN
Chris Pritt (R-36)YYYNNYNYN
Mike Pushkin (D-37)NNNYYNYNY
Ben Queen (R-48)YYYNNYNYN
Ken Reed (R-59)YNot voting.ANVNVYNNY
Charlie Reynolds (R-4)YYYNNYNYN
Clay Riley (R-48)YYANNYNYN
Matthew Rohrbach (R-17)YYYNVNVYNYN
Ruth Rowan (R-57)YYYNNYNYN
Larry L. Rowe (D-36)NNNYYNYNY
Doug Skaff (D-35)NNNNYNYYY
Doug Smith (R-27)YYYNNYNNY
Joe Statler (R-51)YYYNYYNYN
Brandon Steele (R-29)YYYNNYNYN
Erikka Storch (R-3)YNot voting.NYNYYYY
Amy Summers (R-49)YYANVNVYNYN
Terri Sypolt (R-52)YYYNNYNYN
Cody Thompson (D-43)NNNYYNYNY
Chris Toney (R-31)YYYNNYNYN
Heather Tully (R-41)YNot voting.YNNYNYN
Danielle Walker (D-51)NNNYYNYNVNV
Johnnie Wamsley (R-14)Not voting.Not voting.YNNYNYN
Guy Ward (R-55)YYYNNYNYN
Bryan Ward (R-55)YYYNNYNYN
Steve Westfall (R-12)YNot voting.YNNYNYN
John Williams (D-51)NNNNVNVNYNY
Evan Worrell (R-18)YYYNNYNYN
Kayla Young (D-35)NNNYYNYNVY
Mark Zatezalo (R-1)YYYNNYNYN
Lisa Zukoff (D-4)NNNYYNYNY

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