Know Your Options.
Love Your Birth Control.
Ame su metodo anticonceptivo

The Best Birth Control is the one you love.


Small, t-shaped device that is placed in your uterus


Contraceptive Implant

Small rod placed under your skin


The Pill

Small pill you take every day at the same time


The Shot

Hormone shot given once every 3 months



Thin, stretchy barrier device that keeps sperm from entering your vagina


The Ring

Small, bendable ring you insert into your vagina



Cup that covers your cervix


The Patch

Piece of plastic that looks like a Band-Aid and sticks to your skin


Fertility Awareness

Closely tracking your menstrual cycle so you know which days you can get pregnant


Emergency Contraceptive

Types of contraception that stop pregnancies before they begin


Know your options


The goal of WV FREE’s 
Love Your Birth Control campaign is to
“Know Your Options, 
Love Your Birth Control!”

Our campaign offers free trainings and materials to health care providers and the social service community on shared decision-making counseling for all the various forms of contraception.

Love Your Birth Control aims to reduce barriers to the full spectrum of contraceptive options available to those of childbearing age, as well as increasing patient satisfaction.

In the spirit of supporting personal decisions, the goal of this campaign is not for every person to be on birth control; but rather that if someone chooses to be on birth control, they are able to select the best birth control method for them. The Love your Birth Control Campaign has been active in West Virginia since 2017.

For Love. For Power. For Life.